Though it’s both subtle and yet readily apparent, web design and graphical layouts for websites have really come along in even just the past few years! And while the real core value of any website is still its information and content, the adage that 80-90% of effective advertising is in the image reigns true in all areas of business marketing. Your website is no exception.

If you’ve never had a website for your business, it is an objective fact that you are missing out on an incalculable percentage of prospective customers and clients. A Google Maps image and a few stray mentions from other websites is not enough to entice an audience to look at what you have to offer. No matter what your product is, or what service you have, people look for it, and you want to be what see they look for it – and no matter what your budget is, Brainstorm Cafe can design an online headquarters for your business!

As we consider website design or redesign, the following questions are what builds our framework.

• What are the goals of your website?
• Who do you hope will visit your website?
• How often will your website be in need of change?
• Do you prefer changes to your website to be your responsibility, or that of an agency?
• What keywords best describe your business?
• What branding elements do you currently have in place that we should design around?

All these considerations are taken when we start designing your website. During the design process, we can work together by viewing progress online to create the look and message you desire for your business.

So, what could your website with Brainstorm Cafe look like? Here’s some recent designs.

We welcome your questions about your internet marketing and are happy to schedule an informal time in which we can look at your current program and propose directions that we could go from there. Contact us here.