By the very fact that you’re searching this website right now for assistance in growing your business presence online, you know that internet marketing has become a huge deal and the major consideration for any program. That much is obvious, but what isn’t obvious is where to start on your marketing program, what all could be available to you, and how to organize that into an effective plan to boost your business.

That’s where the Brainstorm Cafe of East Tennessee comes in! We work with their clients big and small to help them establish a strong internet presence through each stage of the potential development process; beginning with the business’ websites, then the online presence, the social media presence, the online reputation, and further on! We work with each and every facet of the marketing process and we tailor our services to meet your budget.

These are just some of the tools we can be using for your internet marketing program:
* Facebook
* Google Adwords
* Google Plus/Youtube
* TripAdvisor
* Yahoo
* Bing
* Constant Contact
* Mailchimp









One thing we specialize in at Brainstorm Cafe is Search Engine Optimization. This is where we get your website and important pages to come up quicker in search engines through keywords, page titles, descriptions and anything else that contributes to its success. Consultation is available along with authority building opportunities are available, along with placements on websites owned by Brainstorm Cafe such as:

And more!

Compelling home page design combined with easy site navigation and intriguing, informative content are all elements of what make a website an essential marketing tool for any business. Finally, other marketing strategies can be applied that include advertising packages, maintenance action plans, and analysis of results. All of these work together for the success of any internet program.

We welcome your questions about your internet marketing and are happy to schedule an informal time in which we can look at your current program and propose directions that we could go from there. Contact us here.

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