Even in today’s business world, there are just some things that can’t be reproduced or made obsolete by the virtual world, and the potential of promotional products to help give your business brand recognition is one of them. For this purpose, and because Sevier County itself has a surprising dearth of local services available for all needs, Brainstorm Cafe has set up a sister business, Novel Ideas Co.

Novel Ideas is intended to be more than just a print shop (though print shop services we do offer!) it is intended to be the full service product/merchandising solution for Sevier County. We can put your name and logo on over 300,000 different items ranging from the traditional pens, coffee mugs and t-shirts to USB car chargers, LED rave gloves, flying footballs and just about anything you can think of. If there’s anything more numerous than the amount of items we could offer with your name and logo on it, it’s the possibilities of what they can do to increase your brand awareness!

Some ideas for this include:

1. Free giveaways at trade shows and other public events where you can have a table or booth.

2. Gift baskets as part of raffles during special events and charity functions.

3. Reasonably priced merchandise for sale online or at a storefront of your business.

If this sounds good to you (and why wouldn’t it?) contact Don Mack today at 865-428-7719 for final pricing. We are able to produce the design at Brainstorm Cafe and Novel Ideas can produce the item!

See more at www.novelideastn.com.