Don Mack

Job: The Main Man. Co-owner and co-manager of Brainstorm Cafe.
Years with the company: Started the company himself in the mid-90s.
Job Description: Graphics and design, print advertising, website design, marketing consultancy and server management.
Proficient in: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Print Advertising, NetObjects Fusion, WordPress, Promotional Products and more.
Some experience in: Virtually all facets of the online marketing industry.
Personal Interests: Golf, All Media of Painting and Outstanding Vintage Wine.

Lisa Mack

Job: Co-owner and co-manager at Brainstorm Cafe
Years with the company: 18+
Job Description: Main sales force, chief administration, marketing direction and customer relations.
Proficient in: Facebook, Constant Contact, WordPress, Mailchimp, Google Programs
Some experience in: Virtually all facets of the online marketing industry.
Personal Interests: Superstring theory, macrobiology, theoretical physics of thermal dynamics.


Jeff Lawhead

Job: Administrator, Social Media Management, Text Doctor, Cameraman and Quickbooks Accountant
Years with the company: 12
Job Description: Task-related administration in all facets of the company. Generation and revision of all copy in-house and from clients. Photography and simple videography upon request. Social media content generation.
Proficient in: Facebook, Quickbooks, Google Accounts, WordPress, Microsoft Office.
Some experience in: Pinterest, Networks Fusion, Publishing
Personal Interests: Watching grass grow, watching paint dry, and removing abestos from buildings that hadn’t been occupied in 30 years.

Whitey Mack

Job: Chief Director of Graphic Design. Web developer.
Years with the company: 9
Job Description: Website graphics, logo designs, print graphics and designs, website design and implementation.
Proficient in: Photoshop, Networks Fusion, WordPress,
Some experience in: Facebook, Social Marketing, Promotional Products
Personal Interests: Glass blowing, blacksmithing, barn raising and most aspects of Amish culture.

Trevor Mack

Job: Graphic Design and Web Maintenance
Years with the company: 9
Job Description: Web design, graphic design, logo design and website maintenance.
Proficient in: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Networks Fusion.
Some experience in: WordPress
Personal Interests:  My Family, Art, Music, Guns, Golf, PS4 & My Bronco.

Matt Lawhead

Job: Lead Programmer, IT, and Server Management.
Years with the company: 4
Job Description: All things related to computer technology and internet technology at Brainstorm Cafe. Unexplained Computer Phenomena Guy.
Proficient in: WordPress, Computer programming, server maintenance, website development.
Some experience in: Social Media, new internet technology.
Personal Interests: Books, Playing Music, Art, Vinyl, Star Trek


P.O. Box 1229 Pigeon Forge, TN 37868 Office: 865-908-0650 Fax: 865-908-8053