Technology moves fast and trends in how customers find, absorb and decide if they want your business can shift in a matter of months. It can be very confusing and often make you unsure if you’re doing the right thing to market your business, and this is true for even marketing experts. Advertising is an art, science and practice and Brainstorm Cafe has the experience and resources needed to help decipher which tactics to try for your marketing needs. We use a mixture of tried-and-true methods along with exploring new trends and possibilities to give your promotional campaign both a foundation and room for potential progress.

Here are a simple few things to consider that if you have not updated your site, Facebook, or any other online presence your business may have.

1) Is your website responsive? A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts and conforms to the device that is accessing it. Today, a majority of Smoky Mountain visitors use mobile devices to find restaurants, hotels, vacation rental companies and so on. Your website should be built to accommodate visitors who would like to see it and we can do that for you at Brainstorm Cafe!

2) Have you begun using the Facebook promotional opportunities? It is no secret that Facebook has readjusted much of it’s website and functionality to focus more on promoted pages and posts for businesses looking to get ahead, and this means they have adjusted their software to be better accommodating for it too! Promotion is an essential part of building your Like base on Facebook and now is the best time to try it! Allow us to work with you and your budget to get the best promotional package going.

3) Have you gotten the most out of an online travel agency for your business (if applicable)? If not, what are you waiting for? More than ever in this post-recession period, people are looking for the best bang for their buck, and that means they devote themselves to places like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz and more. They also check reviews on places like Yelp, TripAdvisor and many others a lot more than they used to, and if optimizing your business and online presence for these sites is not a priority for your business plans, prepare to change your priorities! Your bottom line will thank you for it!

4) Do you have a mailing list set up? If so, have you been maintaining a regular contact with your subscribers? Modern tools like Constant Contact and Mailchimp offer much that you should be looking at for building an interested fanbase of potential customers. Never has there been a better time and availability to succeed sending out discounts and newsworthy items to the public than now!

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